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Hog Roasting Machine Hire

Our Hog Roast Machines are simple to use, tailored to cook a hog perfectly and CE Approved.

The Hog roasting machines which we provide in Warrington, Cheshire are all part of the Titan range which is the most reliable and efficient Hog Roast Machine on the market today.
The machines even include a glass panel so you and your guests can watch the pig cook to perfection, while there will be no doubt that your very own hog roast will be a special and enjoyable occasion to remember for some time to come.

With Cheshire Roasts you can Hire a Hog Roast Machine from as little as £ 299 + Deposit £ 500  including delivery, gas and tutoring on how to use it.

A machine with a ready prepared pig is just £395 and a brilliant option for anyone wanting to impress their family and friends.

To hire the machine for a time period longer than 24 hours reduced rates are available.

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